19.7 ft Sessa KL One 40HP

Boat Details

Length 19.7 ft
Speed 20 knots

Trip Details

19.7 ft Sessa KL One with Yamaha 40HP engine is a pleasurable and easy to manage boat. You can enjoy the cruising speed of 20 knots & the average fuel consumption at 20 knots cruising speed is 8 liters per hour. The length of this beauty is 6 meters and a beam of 2.3 meters. The boat capacity is 6 persons.

19.7 ft Sessa KL One promises you excellent performance & ideal for day cruises. You can even hire and drive 19.7 ft Sessa KL One even if you don’t have a boat license. This boat does not require a boat license. 

This boat is equipped with Minibar, Awning, Stereo, Outdoor shower, Alarm, GPS -SI and more. Slimline sculpted and colorful three-dimensional hull, compact console and pilot seat can be converted into a picnic corner.

19.7 ft Sessa KL One is a small open boat, but ample and fast. It is the perfect boat to enjoy a day trip at sea with elegance, ease and care.