18.4 ft Seapower GT550

Boat Details

Length 18.4 ft
Speed 20 knots

Trip Details

18.4 ft Seapower GT550 is an inflatable boat with Honda BF40E engine. The length of this beauty is 5.6 meters and a beam of 2.56 meters. The boat capacity is 8 persons. You can enjoy the cruising speed of 20 knots.

It is an ideal boat with small dimensions without compromising on comfort. The 18.4 ft Seapower GT550 is a perfect combination of speed, high performance and safety. A specially designed boat to sail on the rough seas.

18.4 ft Seapower GT550 promise you for an excellent performance for your tours. You can hire and drive 18.4 ft Seapower GT550 even if you don’t have a boat license, this boat does not require a boat license.

18.4 ft Seapower GT550 is easy to manage and drive, It will mollify you even this is your first-time sailing experience by the sea. It is an excellent choice to enjoy a sailing tour with your companions in Sicily!